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OA Management System
OA software products to China-day trial of dynamic OA
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Driving force for China-day trial OA Website:

Hua days into the use of the page, I brighten, perhaps in the text is based on the black color of the usual Chinese-day trial versions of OA seemed very clean, Hua Tian OA of the product to use to fly high, the left side of the root Comparison of the functions of the directory user-friendly set, when opening a directory, a directory of self-closing, Hua Tian clean pages OA was also higher, the product itself provides the appearance of two kinds of visual interface, in this connection, China-day show enough of human nature, and a display screen page, the page to start on a lot of time can be saved (in cooperation with the aim is to improve efficiency), although OA Huatian format provided in the free combination of performance style, but I do not know Is it because of trial version, which shows that the function of modules I can not shut down, such as the company motto module,the company motto should be installed in the heart used in practice, rather than pay homage to OA on the staff recommended that China should be in this day aspects to improve.
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