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How to make a multiplication table Excel 2007
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If you are more skilled Excel, then it is entirely possible for them to do yourself to one of our Excel 2007 as an example here to illustrate.

running Excel 2007, click the switch to the "macro" option, click the "macro" option group, the "macro view" open the Macro dialog box, in the "Macro Name", enter a name (such as "multiplication Table "), click on" Create "button to enter the VBA editor state (Figure 1).

Figure 1 Excel macro settings

then empty the right pane of the code, and enter the following code in which:

Sub 99 Table ()
Dim i As Byte, j As Byte, msg As String
For i = 1 To 9 'definition of multiplication of a number of variables
msg = msg & Chr (10)
For j = 1 To I 'definition of the other digital variable
msg = msg & WorksheetFunction.Text (j, "[DBNum1] [$ -804] 0") & WorksheetFunction.Text (i, "[DBNum1] [$ -804] 0") & VBA.IIf (i * j> 9, "", "may") _
& WorksheetFunction.Text (i * j, "[DBNum1] [$ -804] 0") &
'Completion of two numbers multiply operation, such as multiplying the result is less than 10 words are in the middle "to" word
Space (3)
MsgBox msg, 64, "99 Form" 'Show the top right corner of the window title
End Sub

then press Alt + Q key combination to close and return to Excel, well, press Alt + F8 key combination again to open the macro dialog box, click the "Run" button to see if it is not immediately familiar to us " multiplication table? " (Figure 2)

Figure 2 Excel in the multiplication table
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