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Adobe Acrobat 9 with PDF documents to remove the watermark graphic tutorials
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This article
to solve the problem:PDF file how to remove the watermark? How to remove the watermark PDF?
PDF file if there is a watermark, a lot of very smart, the impact of views, some with connections, accidentally opened the browser, I believe we all have feelings. the methods are presented below, using Adobe Acrobat 9 can be to remove most of the current popular image watermarking.
To download
first two software:
1, PDF production of Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Lite serial number free Starter Edition Simplified Chinese
2, Foxit PDF Editor effective tools to edit PDF documents

The first step:This is a must, no matter how you are going to remove all changes to the PDF file, if it set up a password, not editors, you must remove its password, that is, break it, take a look at my recommended Some software, where, you can also find the name of their own " PDF Password Remover " software to crack the encryption of PDF documents. PDF are open or if the owner password, then you need to: PDF password crack open violence and the use of tutorial software download

Few described here. Step 2 to enter the following:

The second step:
1, opened with Acrobat pro 9.0 is that you have a watermark of sorts of documents (and the watermark of the web site also contains Connection, accidentally opens IE), facie map out in accordance with the instructions Advanced Edit Toolbar:


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