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Bulk PDF Watermark to remove the software to download and fax a detailed tutorial
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In this paper, to solve the problem: how to remove the watermark PDF? How to delete Bulk PDF Watermark? How the PDF pages to remove the watermark?
This article on plug-in PDF Advanced Enfocus PitStop Pro 7.03 for example, introduced in bulk in ACROBAT watermark removal method of PDF books. Open a PDF, look at the two watermarks, 300 pages, each page there is a text watermark, it is said that can be removed one by one, and that if it 3000?
The following quantities to watermark these steps:
1, PitStop Pro 7.03 is installed, the toolbar you a lot more, according to the operation under the map, click on "show wireframe":
2, in accordance with the instructions under the map, click on select objects:
3, PitStop Pro 7.03 out of a batch command units to operate in accordance with the following diagram:
4, according to the operation under the plan to determine the range of options:
5, according to the operation under the plan to complete the PDF settings, the beginning of batch processing:
6, under the plan according to the final operation, the end!
PitStop Pro 7.03
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