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PDF Extraction
How to extract PDF document text and picture tutorial
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PDF file is a downside is that users can not directly extract the document text or picture messages, if you use the following two small tool can easily extract PDF files in a text and picture messages.

1, extract text message

extract PDF files in text, the need to first convert PDF files to text documents, then just use Word and other text editing tools to convert text file to open.

"VeryPDF PDF2Word" PDF files can be converted to Word document files, can use Word to open the converted PDF files, you can easily extract document text message.

software to download, see another article: pdf word software download transfer VeryDOC PDF To Word Converter V2.5 Chinese Version

use PDF2Word Converter PDF file, in the main program interface, click "file Open" (open) button, select the need to open the PDF file, then click "Open" button to bring up the File Save dialog box, in this Select the converted file is saved in the file name and path.

and below the "Save as type" select the Save key way "Word files (*. rtf)", so that the file will be converted to rtf format, then click the "Save" button. $ Show_page $

may also select the PDF file for analysis, analysis and began the transformation of the main interface in the program following a conversion progress bar pops up.

of conversion

file conversion, you can use Word to open the converted file.

open the converted file

how kind of text information and pictures can be easily modified in Word,. $ Show_page $

Second, the PDF in the picture caught

To extract the document image, the word is very troublesome, you can use a named "PDF Extract TIFF", the PDF document to extract all the icons and saved as TIFF image formats.

Software Name: PDF Extract TIFF
Version Information: 2.0
Software size: 138KB
Software Language: English
Download: PDF Extract TIFF V2.0 Download

with the PDF Extract TIFF PDF Extract in the picture, start the PDF Extract TIFF, in the main interface, click "open" (open) button on the pop-up window, select the PDF file be extracted image.

PDF Extract TIFF master interface

then open the "Save As" dialog box, select one good picture to save the file path and image file name.

through the above settings, click the "Save" button on the PDF file to extract all the images and save the specified folder. How samples, PDF document image is not to be caught up.

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