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PDF-XChange Viewer V2.041.5 PDF reader for free multi-language version of the green
Finishing by: Date:2009-4-3 22:05:19 Popularity: Tags:PDF reader download
PDF-XChange Viewer is a multi-functional PDF reader, it is completely free, to be installed. NETframework before implementation. It marked the feature-rich, multi-tab showed strong export image function, bulk search, zoom and navigation features. Notes to support the Chinese.

it have the following characteristics:
to support multi-tabbed browsing, but also as a thumbnail index of IE7, the document will have a thumbnail to open the page, allows you to easily click.
Speed does not slow the program start, PDF file loading fast, even if a big file can be quickly loaded Eucalyptus.
Chinese documents show.
Can add text, add notes, draw arrows, painting line, polygon drawing, you can save the modified file Eucalyptus, we will not add a watermark.
Documents can be exported into a picture.
Can automatically check for updates
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