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How to make e-books? e book of Graphic Tutorial
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how to create e book? How to word, txt, chm and other formats the document into PDF documents?
e book e-book Maker tribe (ebookPK) can jar, word, txt, pdf, umd, chm and other documents for Mutual Convert very powerful.
ebookPk is a set of content acquisition, production, share in the production of a multifunctional device. Now can import and production of txt, jar, umd, chm, pdf, doc, html and blog blog eight books. Use of local import feature can be merged documents, is a standard jar, umd, chm, word "anti-Compiler" and "txt e-book combiner"; use of network import function, can automatically crawl and crawl all web page text , into a true "network printer."
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Video Tutorial: help / index.html
make pdf tutorial: / help / how_pdf.htm

In general, different documents, require different software to edit, such as word documents need to word 2000 or word 2003 to edit; pdf on the need to use a dedicated Adobe Acrobat; and so on. However, since ebookpk eBook Maker appears, all this changed, you can simply install a ebookpk eBook Maker, two steps can produce a variety of formats e-books:

1. Mouse to drag the txt file (or other books of content files, such as chm, jar, umd, etc.) into the ebookpk software.
2. According to the toolbar's "production" button

Two steps, is not it simple?

Here's look at how simple it is in the end:

1. Mouse to drag the txt file into ebookpk:
Mouse to drag the method can be one or more files (or folders) onto ebookPK in, ebookpk will automatically process your import file content:
Open ebookPK software, from the hard drive looking for the appropriate location where your chm file folder, then drag the file (or folder) to ebookPK and going, as shown below:
e book of Graphic Tutorial
e book of Graphic Tutorial
If you drag the file and found that you have not set the book titles and other information, prompts you to enter information into the contents of the last completed book:

e book of Graphic Tutorial $ show_page $

2. click "create" button:
e book of Graphic Tutorial
a. Select the toolbar's "production" button:
e book of Graphic Tutorial

b. In the dialog box that pops up once again confirmed that "title" "author", the "Remarks", "book format", "book type", "Cover" and other information is correct, click "Finish" button , an e-book within seconds, you can create complete.

e book of Graphic Tutorial
In this way, an e-book *. chm chm to put your computer on the matter, is not it simple?
e book of Graphic Tutorial 

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