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Word document converted into PDF format Tutorial with the WPS
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1 Gao Ren once said: If the software is not able to improve customer convenience, and garbage is no different on. Convenience is the last word, whether you are. Doc format documents or. Wps format, as long as you use WPS Office 2007 to open a direct select [File] - [Output PDF format] on the OK of the! This process takes 5 seconds!

two steps:

the first step: Using WPS to convert the text to open the Word document

With the WPS to convert the text to open Word document

Step two: select [File] - [output as PDF format], click [confirmed] in the OK!

Output PDF format options

'll see how!

added back, the greatest demand for this feature or college students and teachers. Breaking off a finger to calculate Now is the time when the paper had worked hard, I believe that WPS Office 2005's PDF direct conversion tools can give us some real convenience! $ show_page $

A post-class mid-term exams, as required, only the publication of the results, but students and parents to know what the rankings. Gu Yu ranking publication of the results, students can check through the results to their own rankings, and get the results at the same time, the percentage of class rank (ie, the student ranks in the former "X%" of the students).

sorting operation is Excel's basic operations, Excel "data analysis" in the "Rank and Percentile" can make this work to simplify and direct the output report.

Note: This feature requires the use of Excel extensions, if your Excel data analysis has not been installed, please select "Tools" - "add" in the installation CD-ROM loaded "analysis database." Loaded successfully, you can in the "Tools" drop-down menu, see "Data analysis" option.


1. Open the raw data tables, making the raw data in this instance no special requirements, so long as to meet the row or column values for the same property can be.

2. Select "Tools" - "Data Analysis" - "Descriptive Statistics", the property settings box appears, followed by selection;

input area: Select the data region, if the data symbol, pay attention to the bottom at the same time check the "sign located on the first line";

grouping method: direct input area of the data is considered by row or by column, please choose based on the original data format;

output area can select the table, the new group, or a new worksheet workbook.

3. Click "OK" to see the generated report.

you can see, this time to generate a new form, four of which "point" refers to the sort of data upon the ordinal number, in this instance corresponds with the Student ID, which is a very practical one sequence; "achievements" shall be sorted data series; "ranking" to take duplicate data housed in the same position statistical methods; "percentage" in accordance with descending order, in order to get the real "percentage of qualifying," but also need to make a few slight adjustments.

4. In the "percentage" column next column enter "percentile rank" in the first cell enter the formula "= 1-G3 (corresponding to 'percentile rank')," Enter. Select the cell, drag down until the filling is completed. This served to highlight the percentage ranking purposes.
examples of completed reports as shown below.

Xiao Bian in an Excel cell and enter a postal code starts with 0, "056,223", can enter into the cell, but after it found that the number is not 056,223, but 56223, the original Excel as a number of characters in this string, and how to resolve this problem?
To enter 030009 in the cell, click the right mouse button, then select "Format Cells."
in the pop-up the "Format Cells" dialog box in the "digital" tab below the "Categories" column select "special", and then in the right "type" select "Zip Code" re - Click "OK" on it. In a cell and then type the 056,223 you can show the correct postal code of the.
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