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Chaoxing book into a PDF document conversion method
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This article
to solve the problem: What is Chaoxing books? PDG what format? how to PDG file into PDF format? what free software can do it green? in which download this software?
using the printer mode switch, other methods such as: screenshot law BooX Viewer pdg2bmp & jpg & tif & pdf & txt Pdg2Pic, please see below:
conversion using the printer as follows:

A first step, install the software. Need to use Adobe Acrobat, I'm using version 6.0, 8.X version now, and although the big software, but Adobe Acrobat is to produce the pdf e-book boss, you can search online themselves, after installation at the beginning of program two projects: Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Standard and Acrobat Distiller 6.0, is used to Chaoxing Acrobat Distiller 6.0.

The second step, installing the printer driver. Years with a lot of XP printer driver, either loaded on a trip, the best selection of a color printer, so that pdf into the normal after the cover page to show the color, I use the HP Color LaserJet 8500 PS.

The third step is to open in Chaoxing to turn the book, print, select the HP Color LaserJet 8500 PS, print to a file, it will create a print document. Note: 1. Print the page to choose the cover page, such as the Super Star is not a cover page document, the elections in the Introduction page, in a word, to choose the top of the page. 2. Print the page for the cover page + foreword page + pages + directory of the body of pages, you can download the search folder. 3. If the downloaded file is damaged Chaoxing page, print pages when the cards may be found parked in print for a long time a page is illustrated in the page file may be damaged, there are two ways to overcome, first, you faster speed of the download time when there may be resolved, the second is to delete the page, and none of the rotten eggs on the cake Cao done? However, follow-up page to change its name ahead of time.

The fourth step, run Acrobat Distiller, open the form of print files, a pdf format on the cause of the e-book. Faithful luck!

Additional information:

1. Chaoxing recently discovered there is a problem in version 3.9, the number of pages printed per month limit for 5000 (remember not too accurate, perhaps more likely), if you want to switch to a larger number of books, or install version 3.8, page limit does not print. If the monthly transfer only a few books, it may continue to use the 3.9 version.

2. There are friends that can only be printed page, it is that you fill in the number of pages printed is 1, said earlier, the number of pages printed = cover page + foreword page + pages + directory of the body of pages, fill in Print this page out on all.
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