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Image transfer PDF FreePic2Pdf Graphic Tutorials and Software Downloads
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this solve the problem: how to convert the picture into a PDF format file? how conversion? What free software can be green to do so? where to download this software?
the current common image transfer PDF tools for the basic principles to develop a virtual printer, universal good, in addition to image files can be outside all the other printable file formats into PDF. , Today introduced a free tool site - FreePic2Pdf (download), its main function is to convert the image to PDF format. Although this can only transfer an image file, but its a very good solution to a common reading other similar software, the smooth nature of the special image format support, and image data flow problems caused by re-compression. Here take a look at how to use FreePic2Pdf to transform the format bar!
FreePic2Pdf 1.26 Simplified Chinese version of the software Size: 515KB Download: local download image to download

FreePic2Pdf the image files (including TIFF, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, JPEG 2000) merger, converted into PDF files, right harm / lossless compression of JPEG 2000, lossy compression of JPG files and the use of JPEG / OJPEG algorithm compressed TIFF files directly to the original data stream embedded in PDF documents, avoid re-compression caused by image degradation; on lossless compression of image files, black and white images decoded compressed JBig2 (harmful or non-destructive) or CCITT G4, Other ZIP compressed into the decoded data stream embedded in PDF files. Support multi-page TIFF and multi-frame (animated) GIF, each page or an image of each frame operator. You can specify the generated PDF document page size (in addition to A4, B5, etc., but also to support domestic common 32 open, 16 open, large 32 mo) and the page margins. If you do not specify a page of the paper size, you can specify a fixed page width (the length of image size with retractable), to prevent a continuous reading because the page width changed from time to affect the reading. Support interface automatically generates multi-level bookmarks, sub-page, add the text page, set the PDF's Document Properties. Interface files can be generated for the new PDF, also can be used in an existing PDF, including PDF add to the existing bookmarks, bookmarks, etc. from the PDF to take. Software is based on open-source implementation, run-time does not require any third-party software or the control support. Of course, if you want to view the PDF documents produced, you must install Adobe PDF Reader and other PDF reading software.

Step1, select Convert Image File

Select FreePic2Pdf green software, downloading codecs implementation of the main program "FreePic2Pdf.exe" can be launched (the main interface, shown in Figure 1). Then click on "Convert selected files" button to select the right to convert image files (supports TIF, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and other mainstream formats), confirmed the image files will display in the list (Figure 1). At this point, you can according to their own needs, click on the button to the right tools to achieve an image file is sorted, arranged location, or simply remove the clean-up.

Figure 1

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