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Graphic Tutorials of Virtual Printer pdfFactory Details
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this solve the problem: how to convert file formats commonly used PDF format files? how to use the printer generate PDF files? how conversion? in which to download PDF software generates virtual printer? to see beautiful pages, trying to preserve it and found that it is a small map put together by a number of pieces together, and you always will not save the entire page down, and then Photoshop them together then put together bar! Encountered such a situation, how should we do? Look at me, with the virtual printer pdfFactory Gaoding them!
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pdfFactory Pro V3.49 multi-language version of the official break with RI: local download image to download Software Size: 1.77MB
pdfFactory is a need to create Adobe PDF files Acrobat printer driver. pdfFactory offer a way to create PDF files than any other method is more convenient and efficient. Features include:
Multiple documents into one PDF file;
Embedded fonts;
Via E-mail to send;
Automatic compression optimization;
Basic installation server version for the server
use of tutorial
one, install a virtual printer

double-click the installation program from the CD, according to the prompts to complete the installation. After successful installation, we can find the system more of a virtual printer (Figure 1).

2, using a virtual printer

this virtual printer is very convenient in use, we take the form shown in Figure 2 as an example to illustrate the move to Photoshop.

First of all we have WORD software, the forms create a good layout, and then click "File" menu under the "Print ..." command. In the pop-up "Print" dialog box, we have the printer "name" is set to "pdfFactory Pro" (Figure 2).

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