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EXCEL skills
EXCEL Tutorial 1: Table production, wages and salaries
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stresses the establishment of staff salaries in the first table

Chinese Office 2000 provides a software package known as the Chinese Excel 2000 software, this is a used to establish the use of electronic statements and utilities, is also a kind of database software, used by the application form to record data. Professional database management system software, Visual FoxPro can create an electronic statements, but the Chinese Excel 2000 is a professional software electronic statements, but also commonly used in large amounts of data processing information, especially for statistics, but also the rapid development of good form.

The beginning of language: Chinese Excel 2000 is Microsoft Office 2000 package an integral part of the Chinese version. According to the method to start Windows applications to run it, the screen will display the operation window and open a named Book1 (workbook 1) of the electronic statements, but there is no content, but waiting for you to build it, the Course will begin on.

Figure 1

Excel 2000 to enter the Chinese operation of the window

Note: The "Workbook" is in Microsoft Excel in data processing and storage of documents, each workbook can contain more than one worksheet, it can be managed in a paper prepared by a variety of types of relevant information; "worksheet" is displayed on the screen from the form of a regional component, see Figure 1. This area known as the "work table area" of data through it to enter the show.

Excel 2000 also used by the Chinese "field", "record" in the Visual FoxPro, etc., but the application is very different, the following will be the establishment of a payroll operations staff to illustrate this point.
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