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PowerPoint2007 the PPT to PDF Batch Tutorial
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how to batch PPT to PDF? This article describes a method.
in Office 2007, we should PPT into PDF format is very simple, but if we want a large number of PPT into PDF is a very difficult thing, because PowerPoint2007 (hereinafter referred to as PPT2007) itself does not support batch conversion, However, we can use an external VBS in PPT2007 to achieve PPT document conversion method is very simple. Now I teach you in detail the conversion method.

can learn through this article:

1. the use of VBS in the PPT2007 external realization of PPT documents into PDF (PDF.VBS);

2. Folder Options in the specified types of files right feature binding;

Tip: Office2007 as long as the installation of a SaveAsPDF add-ons, you can directly use the Office2007 specific application to carry out the Save PDF. As shown below


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