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PowerPoint 2007 How to make the countdown progress bar
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countdown progress bar can be seen on various occasions, such as television ads placed there will be such a thing, let us see the passage of time, thus advertising time Buzhi Yu too long despair. In fact, in our class can also be used, such as Gao Ge limited answer session. Here, we take a look at PowerPoint 2007, how to achieve this function right.

general effect produced is long rectangles, with the loss of time, continuously from top to bottom or from right to left gradually reduced and finally disappeared, we do this sort of effect. Steps are as follows:

a production of rectangles Ribbon

Click the "Insert" tab of the "shape" function group, the corresponding button you can easily create a long rectangular strip. We were filled with three rectangular red, yellow, and green. Implementation of the rectangle is selected, after emerging in the functional area of "drawing tools" under the "Format" tab of "Shape Style" function group, click the "Shape Fill" button to the right of the small triangle, then pop-up list, select the appropriate color, as shown in Figure 1. Color fill is complete, click on the function group "shape profile" button in the pop-up menu, select "no profile" command to remove the border line of the rectangle.

Figure 1

rectangular blocks of color are three things right, the adjustment of their position, just connect them together. If necessary, you can press the arrow keys on the keyboard to make a total one, press the "Ctrl" key with the arrow keys on the keyboard can be accurately moved. Then select the three blocks of color, right-click menu "portfolio" of command, to combine them into a whole.

select the combination of good new object, press the "Ctrl" button next to a drag with the mouse to copy the second object. Select the second object, using the previous method of filling the color for the slide background color. To remember the approximate location of the object ah, or for yourself you can not find it. $ Show_page $

now and then that after the first selected object, right-click, the pop-up menu, select "size and position" command, open the "size and position" dialog. Click "Location" tab, use the notes under the "horizontal" and "vertical" input box, the two figures stand, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

select the second object, still in the context menu click on "Size and position of" command, and then the two figures were down to open the dialog box, fill in the "Location" tab in the appropriate input box.

through This time is set, the second object on the overlap to a combination of the object. Now, the screen could not see anything, and Oh. This is because the second object's fill color and background color are identical, or remind them to remember the location of yo. $ Show_page $

2, set the countdown effect

now top the second object selected, click on the function area "Animation" tab "Flash" function group "Custom Animation" button, open the "Custom Animation" task pane.

upper left corner of the task pane click on "Add effect access erase" command, this object is added erase the animation. Then in the bottom of the Custom Animation list, click the Animation drop-down button on the right side task bar, select the pop-up "effect options" command, shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3 $ show_page $

open the "Erase" dialog box. Click "Effects" tab in the "direction" drop-down list, select "from the top." Click the "timing" tab, in the "speed" input box, enter a countdown time "20" (ie 20 seconds). Figure 4. OK after the countdown you can see the effect of the.

Figure 4

see where you're sure to understand: We are the same as the background color with a rectangular block in the slow three-color coverage of the original rectangular block, resulting in three blocks of color rectangles disappear gradually reduced to a false impression. Results shown in Figure 5 (a three-time screenshots synthesis). In fact, if we think more, a lot of good results in PowerPoint, can be achieved.

Figure 5

this, all operations have been completed, how? Immediately see the effect it

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