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word 2007 how to modify the annotation's name
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word 2007 how to modify the Name of annotation techniques
Word 2007 is already built-in tools to modify the annotation's name. Here we modify the notation to introduce the names of those skills. Functional areas as long as we click on "Review" tab of the "Amendment" function group "revise" button on the small triangle in the pop-up menu click on "change user" command, shown in Figure 1, you can open the "Word Options" dialog.

Figure 1 Word 2007 to change the user name

the left side of the dialog box at this time, "common" item is selected, we can in the right "to Microsoft Office for personalized settings" item, change the comment to use in their own name or initials, and shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 Word 2007 ΆΤ Office to personalize

to note that this change affects only the comments made after the change will not update changes to the existing comments before the document. And where do the changes, in other Office programs will make the appropriate changes.

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