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word 2007 how to remove the annotation's name?
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word 2007 how to remove the annotation's name
If the document has already been inserted comments, which we hope will be endorsed automatically displayed together with the names of those comments were deleted, but the comments are still retained. In Word, there is a simple way.

first open the document, click the top left corner of "Office Button", click "ready Check Document" command. Open the dialog box shown in Figure 1.

Figure 3 Word 2007 Document Inspector

Confirm "Document Properties and Personal Information" check box is selected, then click the lower right corner of the "Check" button, open the dialog box shown in Figure 4. According to the different contents of the document, different documents the results of the dialog box is not the same. However, if the document contains annotations, then in the "Document Properties and Personal Information" section on the right will be a "delete all" button. Click it, and then click on the bottom of the "re-check" button, and then save the document and close. When we re-open the file, comments in the Name of those comments will be deleted lost.

Figure 2 Word 2007 document properties deleted

Note that the dialog box in Figure 2 can not click "comment, revision, version, and note" next to "Remove All" button, or delete the comment on not only those initials, but will remove document all of the comments.

Well, in many cases the use of annotations give us convenience, if the comments are initials can also be the final say by our own words, I believe it will bring more convenience.

there isArticle InformationsComment Information
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