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Word how to achieve a fixed header
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before us is a form filling requirements in the main part of the content, the content of the page with the automatic filling pages, but to maintain the populated form page look full, and the header part of the head to appear on every page , the last column of the signature appears only in the last page to facilitate printing.

in reality such a request is not complicated manual tabulation, every condition is reasonable. But the pay and Word to accomplish, it is to tip a lot of thought to. Because not a single feature could satisfy this requirement.

In fact, the process is not difficult to achieve, little experience of a friend has seen some of them will use the repeated cross-page functionality. We work together to complete the whole table details the process again.

set the table

because the contents of the title and first line of the head of each page display, so we have to use a function we may ignore. Select the first two lines, right "Table Properties" in "line" tab check the "top of the page to the title line of the form of repeated."

Word can automatically page breaks based on a new page on the duplicate title form. Such as fruit in the form, but should pay attention to insert a manual page break, then Word can not repeat the form title.

Repeated in the new form page title

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