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WORD skills
Use Word to know the 10 classic tips
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1, Word automatically fill the form to play

in Word form to fill in the same content in selected cells, click the "Format í˙ Bullets and Numbering", enter "No." tab, select any of the style, click the "Custom" button , in the "Custom code List" window "Number format" field enter the content to fill in the "No Style" column select "None", click "OK" to exit immediately after.

2, text rotation easy to do

in Word, you can "text direction" command to change the text direction. But also use the following simple way to do. Select the text to be set, as long as the font set to "@ font" on the line, such as "@ Times New Roman" or "@ bold," can make these words a 90-degree counterclockwise rotation.

3, part of the bold form lines

need in Word bold form of a one or a few lines, you can first option in the toolbar click on "Forms and Borders" button and then "Forms and Borders" window select "Linear" and " width ", then click the" Draw Table "button, in the end want to bold forms online can be a painting from start to finish.

4, fast conversion amount in

in Word, type 12345, then click on "Insert í˙ number" command, in the pop-up "number" dialog box "digital type" column select the Chinese digital format, "One, Two, Triple ???????" Click "OK", then the 12345 will become the Chinese number "ten thousand Erqian Triple Bai Si Shi Wu."

5, draw a straight line does not discount

in Word, if you want to draw horizontal, vertical, or "15, 30, 45, 75" angle of the line, only one endpoint at a fixed post, hold down the Shift key and drag the mouse up and down, there will be several such line selection, position adjustment, release the Shift key to the right.

6, remove the automatic numbering feature

click on "Tools í˙ AutoCorrect Options", open the "AutoCorrect" dialog box, enter the "AutoFormat As You Type" tab, find "Automatic Application type" group "Automatic Numbered List" check items in front of the hook can be canceled. This can remove those "bother" the automatic numbering feature. Also removes "canvas", is: Click on "Tools í˙ Options", enter "General" tab, remove the "Insert 'AutoShape' Drawing Canvas is automatically created when the" check box on the hook can be .

7, Math loose input

i and I in the Intelligent ABC Chinese input method has a special meaning, they can enter the lowercase and uppercase as the leading figure in Chinese characters, also can be used to sign into the corresponding number operator character, back in the i or I Enter +,-,*,/, press the Enter key or space bar, you can get the corresponding Chinese characters add, subtract, multiply, divide.

8, Word of the input of weeks

Click the "Format í˙ Bullets and Numbering", enter "No." tab, click the "Custom" button in the "No Style" column select "one, two, three" and other style, in " Number Format "column" a "before the input" a week "can be.

9, to create neat Word formula

use the Word equation editor to create the formula, the formula if you are one of the irregular (especially the matrix form of the formula), then you can fine-tune the following ways: Click the formula, right into the "Set Object Format" , select "Layout" in any form, click "OK" and then select the items need to be adjusted; pressing Ctrl key, use the cursor up and down and move around on the fine-tuning; repeated up and down to move around on the fine-tuning; Repeat these steps until the position adjustment formula to the satisfaction.

10, paste the content

paste the Web page in Word, simply copy the contents of a web page, switch to Word, click "Paste" button, Web pages, all content will be copied to the Word, then copy the contents in the lower right corner the emergence of a "Paste Options" button, click the button to the right of the black triangle symbol, a pop-up menu, select "Keep Text Only" button.

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