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How to save Office documents missing
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sometimes unexpected power outages, accidents and other factors lead us to hard reset to do not enough time to save OFFICE document, the following description of this method, you can not manually save OFFICE retrieve document data.


open WORD, the menu bar - Tools - Options - File Location, where you can see the documents, clip art images, user profiles, tools templates, "Automatic recovery" file, tool, start the default path, which paths can all be changed, but in general no need to modify the path. We are looking for files on the existence of "automatic restoration" file corresponding to the path.

C: \ Documents and Settings \ Administrator.CHINESE-32D5FE8 \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Word \

my computer name is CHINESE-32D5FE8, so Administrator.CHINESE-32D5FE8 folder, the settings of each computer is different from the name of this folder are naturally different to their own subject.


open the EXCEL, the menu bar - Tools - Options - Save, where you can see the auto-recovery file location, we find the corresponding file on the path in here.

C: \ Documents and Settings \ Administrator.CHINESE-32D5FE8 \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Excel \

PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage, etc. do not say.

Application Data This folder is hidden by default, need to modify the folder properties.

if these stores did not change the path of this folder in Microsoft should be able to see the PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage and other folders that are automatically saved files are there corresponding folders. Word save the file extension is asd, Excel save the file extension is xal, PowerPoint files saved in not found, the other I did not install, own look around to see

find the file automatically saved, can save time to find their own lost files, change the extension on it. Such as Word, change the doc, Excel's into xls, PowerPoint ppt etc. of change.

here to remind you, however, office automatically saved in the default time is 10 minutes, maybe you are unlucky, the computer reboot or power off when not save has been nine minutes, and means you can retrieve files a lot of things gone, but also to re-do, it is proposed to automatically save a little short of time to change, such as 5 minutes.

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