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Word check box and radio button in the making
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in all Office Suite, Word may be the one we use most. However, Word is not just the text shows the tools, he can do the form, check it, you know? Here to talk about how to create check box in Word, and the radio button.

point Word "View" menu in the "Toolbar" item midpoint of the "Control Toolbox" Word window in the left side of the editor of a new toolbar appears, this is the "Control Toolbox", which a button is a small check mark inside the box will appear with the mouse to point "check box" prompt.

Bring up the Control Toolbox

point "check box" button, the page will appear in the Word called labeled "CheckBox1" a small box, that is, "1 box" check box in front is a small box, shading is gray, click "Control Toolbox" first button "Exit Design Mode" on the check mark in the internal fighting, nor can cancel check mark. Then click "check" button on the page again in a "box" label, called "CheckBox2", or "2 box." Down and so on.

Add a check box control $ show_page $

these labels only show "CheckBox1" and "CheckBox2" certainly can not meet the requirements, to modify the content of these labels. Shading to become white, to and text.

press the "Control Toolbox" The first button, it is in "design mode", points in a "box" will appear around the small circle of eight, is selected, click "Control Toolbox" The second button on the left see a "Properties" dialog box, point "BackColor" item, which is set the background color, the right appears in the cell drop-down triangle, click, select the appropriate color. Point "Caption" item, when the cell is blue, the right side of the cell can be edited, enter the text you need, WORD immediately becomes the body of the text you enter. Point "Control Toolbox" in the first button "Exit Design Mode", try the effect.

is the basic method described above, meet the general needs. There are other projects, including fonts, font color, cursor shape, height, width, etc., allowing you to adjust the form of even more colorful, not enumerate. My friends can own experiments.

other similar controls, and this comparison, you can see for yourself, as long as the master of the above methods, can be "more than a calabash gourd painting." Ha ha! !

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