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Play MP3 music in the Word of Flash animation and other video movies
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Word is the most worldwide users also features the most comprehensive of a word processing tool, which can be complex in addition to editing, and presentation graphics layout, but also with multimedia audio file playback.

1. How to play MP3 music in Word

open the Word program, in its menu bar and select "Insert Object" option, then in the pop-up "object" dialog box, select "Create from File" tab, click the tab " Browse "button to toggle through the selected folder need to play MP3 music files, click the" Insert "button to return to the" object "dialog box, in the" object "dialog box, click" OK ", then we will see In the currently open Word document containing more than one MP3 music file name icon, the user simply double-click that icon, you can infinitely beautiful melodies echoed immediately.

2. How to play the video in Word Film

first open Word program, the implementation of its menu bar "View Toolbars Control Toolbox" command, when Word opens a "control toolbox" small floating window, click on the floating window of the last " Other Controls "button, then select the list of its pop-up" Windows Media Player "option, then the Word will pop up in a player interface, the user in the player, click right mouse button, select" Properties "option , then pop in Word's "Properties" dialog box, find the "File Name" option, then the user will be able to blank the options on the right hand box, enter the absolute need to play the video path and file name, input has been completed, Users close the "Properties" dialog box to return to the Word, if the user needs to immediately specify the video to play on, then as long as the Word of "Control Toolbox" window, click "Exit Design Mode" button.

3. How to play Flash animation in Word

in Word play Flash animation and video operation method somewhat similar. Users in accordance with the above method in the "Other Controls" list, select "Shockwave Flash Object" option, then the same in Word will pop up a Flash animation for broadcast rectangular area, users in the region, click right mouse button, select "Properties" option, then pop up in Word's "Properties" dialog box, users need to find the "Movie" option, the same user can blank the box to the right of this option need to play Flash animations manually enter the absolute path and file name, here is the need of special attention: the input file name behind the need to increase output ". swf" file name suffix. To complete all of the above settings, the user returns to the main interface of Word and Word's "Control Toolbox" window, click "Exit Design Mode" button to play the Flash animation.

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