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Acrobat and word to PDF methods to increase directory Photo Guide
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With acrobat and word to PDF methods to increase directory Photo Guide

In this paper, to solve the problem: How to do the cover of the book to pdf? How to increase the cover for the PDF?

Many downloads, and their own PDF books do not cover, do not know how to engage in? Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro to create PDF do not operate if the word convenience. To add a cover, had to use Stupid method, or to use other software. This article on the Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro features for PDF production, introduced a way to cover.
Steps are as follows:

1, using Adobe Acrobat 9 to open the cover you need to create PDF documents, the following chart:

2, in accordance with the contents of PDF in a good word in the cover, the following chart, and then save and close the word.

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