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How to make PDF documents produced by a more compact
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The PDF document we create is often used for network transmission, so the volume should be as small as possible, but the virtual printer "print" of the PDF files are often larger size. How can we allow PDF documents more compact it?

First, the production of tools

prerequisite of its browser. First of all, we need to select a suitable tool. The author's experiments show that different types of software used to create the PDF document has a different size.

3 The author

commonly used to find the PDF document production tools, they are:


they are a virtual printer driver, in the function and use are very similar. I found a 296kB of Word documents (in both Chinese and English, forms, pictures mixed), with the above-mentioned three kinds of virtual printer (all using the default settings) were printed as PDF documents, the results are as follows:

PDFfactory 192kB
GO2Pdf 158kB
Pdf995s 315kB

PDF document from the smallest size (GO2Pdf) and the largest volume (Pdf995s) doubled the difference between there, the famous PDFfactory the center. In order to prevent the occurrence of chance, I also experiment with different number of documents have come to similar conclusions. I checked the three kinds of software that the default settings, found almost identical, and then use the Adobe Reader 6.0 to view PDF documents available, and there is no difference. OK, you should choose which tool to pick your own pick!

Second, how to set up

in the settings, the size of the PDF document is the most options embedded fonts. In order to ensure their own PDF documents can be displayed on any computer in a non-existent and many of my friends like to embed directly in the document the need for fonts, but let PDF document significantly "fertility."

to GO2Pdf print the Word document just as an example, only when embedded in a font size of PDF document 176kB, when embedded into two kinds of fonts when the size of 232kB, "fertilization" effect is very obvious.

So, to get even smaller PDF files, do not choose to embed fonts as much as possible. At the same time in order to guarantee the original PDF document to display, edit Word documents in only once to use special fonts that should only support the use of system default font, such as Song, Font, which do not require embedded fonts.

Secondly, the image compression settings on the volume also have a certain influence. Three kinds of virtual image compression default printer settings vary: PDFfactory use 96dpi bitmap sampling rate, while encoding using JPEG image compression, compression rate of 75; Pdf995s using a 300dpi image resolution, JPEG compression, image quality to High ; GO2Pdf only a simple image quality slider, the default for the High (estimated also using JPEG compression). These settings do not look down on yo, if you edit the document contains a large number of pictures, this will greatly affect the size of PDF document.

Well, now we can finally create the smallest of the PDF document and transmitted via the Internet will, of course multiplier bonus!

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