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PDF Production Editor
Adobe PageMaker production PDF documents
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First step, the software and hardware are ready

1. First of all, the installation of Adobe's PageMaker6.5, this is the tool for the production of PDF! It is a housekeeping Adobe document publishing company editing tools and powerful, you can create a beautiful layout of the document with the aid of diagrams, which is suitable for large-scale production of the document layout printing. Output PDF file is only a small number of functions in a branch. I uncovered this point now, with its fine to make PDF files. At the same time, it should be noted that when the installation PageMaker6.5 must be installed in the custom option, Acrobat Distiller is essential. The key to its functions is to convert the PS file PDF file.

2. and then, you must have a use for the PostScript printer PageMaker. Driven printer PPD file must be included. (PPD files provide information on the user's PostScript printer information. Including its own printer fonts, paper size, resolution, screen and the ability to optimize the list. The information from the printer manufacturers to provide its response to such equipment, the most common configuration .) If you do not support PPD files, you must find the manufacturer of your printer upgrade program. Having said all this nonsense, think about how special friend to buy this printer PostScript? Printers on the point of death is not it? Approach obviously! In fact, the solution is very simple. (Which I have spent half a day but only a shortcut to finding out yo!) You can install new hardware windows98 inside, just to find a support PostScript printer driver installed on your system can be a! You do not even need to have any printer!! However, this kind of printer supports PostScript? tell you! KODAK series can be. (I used is KODAK Color Ease PS Printer).

The second step, editing PDF

to simple examples, in my case not too much more, such as text, images. In fact, by adding the text you need to design the operation of the proficiency of PageMaker, and its operation is not very complex, and other procedures more or less the same layout. I will focus on how to establish a number of interfaces included, and can create the directory navigation a little more complex documents.

1 start PageMaker, file - new - have the following interface; This is the text of the Page Setup interface. Note the number of pages I set up the document has become a five, at the same time the beginning of the page encoding is 1. This is more important in the generation of PDF files, the beginning of the page must be 1, so as not to cause confusion coding.

2. and then you can edit the interface of PageMaker can edit the document you need. PageMaker is a powerful editing features, you can insert anywhere on the page a variety of frame sizes. And any move to random locations. You can easily insert a variety of graphics formats, documents, links and even animated QuickTime format. How to play vividly the power of PageMaker to produce a beautiful document of the art fully rely on your ability. PageMaker operation on specific, introduced one by one I do not need friends that can access related.

I specifically talk about our specific issues - the directory that contains the text of how to create the index. Now, for the convenience, we have created a page containing five documents. We empty out the first page as a page directory and guide. Suppose we started from the second page of the document editing. We first select the second page, a tool used to draw a rectangular region of the box, and then text input tool for positioning in the box, type the text of 1 LEVEL. And then select the whole rectangle, a copy, paste, respectively, in the third, fourth, fifth page. Finally, edit the respective text box, change the title accordingly. After the title of a good editor, you can in other places were you need to insert a variety of text, graphics or animation, with the personal preferences needs.

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