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PDF problem-solving
Adobe Acrobat to solve the problem of overlapping PDF text
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Adobe PDF files can save the source document for all fonts, formatting, colors and graphics, which reproduce the authentic style of the original document and can be on any operating system platform, through free Acrobat Reader to read or print, so Adobe PDF is currently the most widely used electronic document format standards. Although Adobe PDF format has many advantages, but sometimes run into something trouble.

few days ago, I downloaded from the Internet in a PDF format e-books, using Adobe Acrobat reader 5.0 to open Shique prompt "Font 'HYc1gj' contains errors / frame." Click "OK", though you can see the specific contents of the document, but the text of the PDF file there are many overlapping and can not browse. After some exploration, finally found a solution.

error because we can see from the error is definitely with the "HYc1gj" font related. Then press Ctrl + Alt + F, to open the current PDF document's Properties window and found that there are three kinds of Chinese fonts HYc1gj, HYb1gj and HYa1gj. This was the production of the PDF document used when the system fonts. We use Adobe Acrobat reader to read, when in fact it is based on "the closest font substitution principle" with the built-in STSongStd-Light-Acro fonts to replace the above-mentioned three kinds of fonts. I do not know when a problem is to produce, or use STSongStd-Light-Acro substitution does not correctly reflect the number of HYc1gj font attributes, the result that Chinese characters have taken place in the location and line spacing deviation and overlap. I searched the internet for a long time did not find HYc1gj, HYb1gj and HYa1gj character and can not test in the original environment of the display.

can not find the original character since, simply we have to change PDF files. Just now we are talking about for a long time Adobe Acrobat reader, which is used to view and print PDF tools. However, if you want to edit PDF files, it is necessary out of its big brother Adobe Acrobat, and it not only has all the features of Adobe Acrobat Reader, but also able to produce and edit PDF documents.

in Adobe Acrobat to open the PDF file of this error in the tool bar select the "TouchUp Text Tool" button, and then select those positions be confusion in the text box found in a text editor line height exceptionally high, which the culprit is the character overlap. Select the location of disturbed line of text in all text, from the context menu select "Properties" option, you can see the "Text Properties" window, from the Font list, select "SimSun" or "SimHei" that is, converted to Song body or bold, followed by the text of the line found in the high normal, and the text line is naturally moved to where it should appear. Repeat the above steps, the position error of all the font of text lines are replaced by Song (black) body after, PDF documents the problem of overlapping characters completely solved.

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