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PDF problem-solving
How to make IE does not directly open PDF documents?
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Adobe PDF Reader is installed on a computer, our IE will always be "free hand" in its own window, the document will be displayed. In all fairness, this online browsing convenience does have its office, for example we can view these PDF files directly to the contents inside, and then according to their need to decide whether to download and so true. However, the purpose of each person are different, some would like to download data directly to a friend who, IE this "hegemony", after all, added to a lot of trouble, and, because the size of each file are different, the server not the same bandwidth, the speed of online browsing, such as those who are generally not multi-threaded downloading tool with a downloaded after browsing speed. If you encounter relatively large PDF, so we will be stuck IE, very accurate! In the end there is no way to make PDF files in download mode and quickly switch between online browsing mode do? After repeated attempts I finally passed the following method to overcome this problem.

(Note: The techniques described in this article was Windows XP + Adobe PDF Reader 7.05 environment tested)

1. Click "Start" menu, the implementation of the "Run" command in the pop-up "Run" dialog box, type "regedit" command into the Registry Editor

2. expand and find "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTAcroExch.Document.7" registry key, double-click the right pane of the "EditFlags" key, the original value to "00000000." Shown in Figure 1

Figure 1

3. follow the same approach, "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTAcroPDF.FDF.1" registry key in the "EditFlags" key is also changed to "00 million", etc. After completion of the Graduation modify the Registry Editor $ show_page $

4. Restart the computer settings take effect

5. Open the Adobe PDF Reader 7.05 software, the implementation of the "Edit" menu ¡ú "Preferences" command in the "Preferences" window find the "Internet" category, then set the area can be seen in the details " displayed in the browser PDF "This command check the. Shown in Figure 2
Figure 2 $ show_page $

6. At this point, only after we check the box to determine when (attention now must turn off all Web browser software), click on the PDF link on the page, the system will use IE to display the file content online , and when we remove the check box to determine when that familiar with the file download window right again back to our eyes the. Shown in Figure 3

Figure 3

¡¾Tips¡¿ techniques described in this article only applies to installation of the Adobe PDF Reader 7.0 version of the more than one computer, on the 6.0 or other version is invalid, please pay attention when using the

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