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Adobe PDF file format zero-day exploit discovered
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Recently, the company's anti-virus center Jiangmin monitored, Adobe Inc. Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader 8.0,9.0 version of the software, there is a PDF 0day vulnerability. Malicious use of the loopholes in the code and detailed technical analysis has been on the Internet was open, and widely reprinted. Technology through public information, hackers can easily exploit the loopholes in the dissemination of all types of malicious software. Jiangmin

anti-virus experts, the flaw exists in Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader 8.0,9.0 in, Adobe will be the official plan after two weeks (March 11) released a patch.

It is understood, PDF file format that can run on any operating system platform, a feature that makes it on the Internet for electronic document distribution and dissemination of digital information of the ideal document format.

for the protection of the majority of computer users in the "vacuum patch" from the period against this vulnerability, the company Jiangmin timely to remind the user to download a patch to run third-party tools for vulnerability.

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