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Moses browser (SmartDevice) function directly browse the new PDF
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Chi's series of new publicity over the landing a few low-key mystery of the site. Had just claimed a home 1080P Full HD players passing the article referred to handheld devices, have aroused the concern of consumers is not small. After efforts more exciting content, special written this article in order to satisfy a little curiosity of consumers.
The handheld device market, more powerful, the clever and practical features are the arrangement of the machine, but would certainly be a careful consumer found a PDF reader function does not have much of the handheld device. Life, to PDF format for the information and documents the existence of very large, if we can do not need to open the computer, directly on the handheld device on the point of view, it must feel super cool. In fact, it can be achieved on the UMPC read PDF, but the price is high, people look and backward. Perhaps a few more days, with the development of science and technology, all of the above functions with handheld devices will be sold to the price of cabbage, but consumers need to pay the cost of waiting time. Talk nonsense, let me release this, on the map, the following picture is the latest device in the Chilean handheld DV browse a section of the PDF specification real machine interface screenshot.
Directly on the handheld device to view PDF format, which eliminates the duplication of computer trouble switching to consumers is a big convenience. Since Moses's new aircraft will support the PDF Reader, we will have more new features more exist, also allows the sale of my clearance in this child, the more fun features, please follow-up reports of concern.
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