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Google Documents to create PDF Library
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First, the need for professional software PDF documents can be read, not all computers are equipped with software to read PDF.

Second, relatively large volume of PDF documents, copies of the daily storage and are not easily mobile. Are there any good solution? In fact, we can use Google to provide the "Google documents" service to resolve this problem, it provides a PDF file online storage and reading services, can help you to build a PDF online picture Hall, let you go easy to read.

open "Google documents" ( website, using your Google account login, successful, in the left side of a "classified project" list, right-click "PDF" option click "on the Biography "options open" Upload file "page, click the" Browse "button to upload the PDF of the local paper (maximum 10MB). If you want to read PDF documents had not been downloaded to your computer. You can download PDF files to fill in the address directly "or input file in the web site" box, this site will automatically download the PDF file to come back (the maximum allowable network PDF file 2MB). In the "What you want to use the name of it?" Box you can change the PDF file name. Finally, click on the "Upload file" button to start the upload. From his return to the page after the completion of the document to PDF document content. Using the same approach to Yang the PDF documents you need to upload it to your site on all the future as long as the registry "Google documents" website, click on "PDF" option to see you upload a list of all the PDF files, click the file name can be read anytime, anywhere.

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