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When your computer to collect a lot of PDF e-book, there are technical documentation, software tutorials, fiction, etc., to their well managed and it was not easy. A special program used to manage PDF documents - PDF Explorer , it uses Explorer, to establish a database and integrated management of multi-utility model that allows to manage, find, browse and process PDF documents has become very easy. Here's an overview of some of this subsection Software:

one, to establish a database

PDF documents may be scattered in every corner of the hard disk, in order to facilitate management and searching, we must find the hard drive to use PDF Explorer in the PDF document to establish a database: Run program in the lower right corner of the "disk directory tree" window check the "sub-folder contains the file" checkbox, then select a directory on your hard disk partition, the software will retrieve the partition.

in the "database directory tree" and the "database disk" window select the partition or a directory name to see it out of the following PDF documents have been retrieved records. In the "Database" option also provides a database of "safeguarding" (removal of unwanted data), "Backup" and "Restore" operation, in order to ensure the accuracy and security of database information.

2, find and browse

the establishment of a good database information, but thereafter, can, through "PDF Explorer" program to quickly find and view PDF documents in.

1 Quick Search: In the "Database search" window can be selected for all PDF documents information or content index information quickly search keywords, but by default, a lot of PDF documents do not have these two messages, in order to facilitate future rapid Find the file, preferably in the "Edit Column Info" window for each PDF document complement the missing information, simply click the message name, and then you can enter text. In the "Search / Filter" window, you can search by file name, but need to in the "database directory tree" or "database disk" window, specify the partition you want to search or directory name.

2 Quick View: In the upper right corner of the "open / close preview" window, click the "complete" option you can preview selected PDF documents directly to the contents, click on the top of the "Bookmarks" button can also present preview of the PDF document to establish a bookmark to facilitate rapid after you open the PDF document. In the "Browse Area" list, double-click the file name will launch the system default PDF program to view the PDF document, right-click the file name select "Browse File" option, you can directly on the "" PDF Explorer "program internal to browse a complete model of the PDF document (Figure 1).

a complete model of Figure 1, visit the PDF document
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