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Foxit Reader 3.0 Use the Chinese version of the detailed tutorial
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Foxit Reader is a PDF document reader/viewer, it is small, start fast, but also a free download. With it, that in order to read PDF documents and to download a huge PDF reader software, there will be no more trouble. As one of the most popular software, has launched a number of the classic version, is about to launch the latest version - Foxit Reader 3.0, an increase in the release of many new features and enhancements of many original features. It is precisely these features the users expect, let us together the following experience Foxit Reader 3.0 What new features, the new changes.
Foxit Reader 3.0 major new features and enhancements
new features enhancements
1. Multimedia Design 1. to improve the text selection tool
2. annexes a list of panel 2. more perfect print settings (in support of an independent cross-page print)
3. page thumbnails 3. new experience Toolbar (customized toolbars)
4. level board 4. Improved access control
5. Metric units support 5. more perfect control of the label
6. hand mode auto scroll mouse wheel 6. to improve the update mode
7. Fu Xin-line content management system 7. new experience pop-up window
8. to support the Firefox browser 8. Improved shortcut settings
9. more bug repair 9. portable Preferences

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