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Open-source PDF reader Sumatra
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For PDF files, must have many of my friends will definitely be familiar. At present, more and more e-books, product description, company announcements, the network data to start using PDF format. As can be common to all operating systems, PDF format for electronic documents has become the standard.

Therefore, a dedicated reader PFD documents have emerged, apart from the official Adobe Reader, there are a lot of very good readers, such as the Foxit Reader. However, these software features are generally numerous, but for ordinary users, these features may never be tried, for only the need for users to read PDF documents, it is overkill. That there is not very simple PDF reader, provide only basic reading functions, while the software's slim and easy to use?

to the massive numbers of visitors here, Xiao Bian about a named Sumatra PDF of the open-source PDF reader, it is the most compact of the reader, while providing just-in functionality to meet the demand for pure reading. Very suitable for complicated functions you do not need too much reading needs. Features simple and easy to use must also. Open the PDF file, directly begin to enjoy the fun of reading bar! Sumatra PDF support page full-screen, rotate, show flat / continuous / continuous tiling, scaling and other pages are displayed.

Download: http://www.

Tips: Software default is English interface, but its support for Simplified Chinese, directly in the "Language" menu under the "Change Language" select "Simplified text."

Sumatra PDF reading capabilities to support breakpoints, you can automatically record the page location of recently viewed documents and settings and other information, next time you open a document directly from the last closed position to continue reading this habit of browsing through a long article (for example, novels, etc. ) users is very useful. In addition, Sumatra PDF of the up and down Page Down also more humane, not only can use PgUp / PgDn keys, you can also direct use of P / N button to achieve.

As a pure PDF Reader, Sumatra PDF is undoubtedly very good, though simple, but very practical. Sumatra PDF built-in 2 PDF to read the engine can effectively resolve to read a variety of PDF documents compatibility issues that may exist. Thus indicating a very satisfactory result, some PDF documents using the Foxit Reader may be a "glitch" phenomenon, but in Sumatra PDF has absolutely does not appear. Well, now just a simple to read, then quickly go to the next bar!

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