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Solid Converter PDF[PDF format conversion experts] Chinese v5.0.633 crack version
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Solid Converter PDF is a very powerful and professional conversion tool for PDF format, it can be converted into PDF and other common type of Word document or Word document will be converted into PDF format. Solid Converter PDF can be converted as an independent tool or as a Microsoft Word and Acrobat (not Reader) to use the plug-ins. Support the right to operate and command-line batch processing, support including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, including 15 languages!

Is a set of specialized SolidConverterPDF will be converted to PDF documents DOC software, in addition to convert DOC document, but also can be converted into RTF, as well as documents WordXML. In addition, it has a picture capture feature that allows PDF files will be retrieved from the picture, as well as PDF files retrieved from the table, and output to Excel, the convenience of our table editor information.

If WORD format to DOC files into PDF documents, there is a lot of software, such as Open Office, pdf995, PDFCreator all have this feature; but is in turn transferred to DOC file PDF file it? Solid Converter PDF you need the software to help the!

Solid Converter PDF to Word to PDF document is converted into Microsoft Word documents (and Word documents into PDFs). Solid Converter in Adobe charge a small cost of the case allows you to text, layout and re-access the original document image.


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