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Not restrict the ordinary books of the pdf format quickly converted to standard text doc skills
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This article
to solve the problem: no restrictions on how the PDF into a WORD document quickly?
encrypted PDF, please refer to the application site PDF encryption and decryption within the article area.
for non-encrypted PDF document, the contents can be directly selected, and the conservative nature of pdf documents, only permitted to select the text of the current page, cross-page selection is invalid; selected word copy paste process, the will return too many redundant, each has a line, you want do not want to have, the increase should not be added to the All-Canadian. How to avoid these annoying steps to do? Is there a way to do without third-party software support, there is no need to step through the complex, simple steps, you can easily achieve the perfect conversion? After trial and error, I found this method. The following steps:

1, copy the pdf version. To open the pdf document conversion, in the menu bar and select "View" "straight" so that the contents of the documents can be cross-page selection; required to use the mouse to select the content, or press ctrl + a combination of keys to select all the text; press key combination ctrl + c to copy the selected content.

2, paste it into a word document. Open the word process, press the key combination ctrl + v to paste the text in the clipboard to a new file.

3, the conversion of the return should be retained. Enter this text there are three types, first is to have each line, fully redundant, need to be deleted, and its characteristics are in front of the general statement did not indicate the end of the punctuation marks; the second is at the end of each should be retained its characteristic is generally in front of each return period, question mark, ellipsis, exclamation mark, right double-quotes and other punctuation marks the end of that paragraph; the third is after the title of the chapter, but also retain some characteristics of obvious Some are set with the text of different fonts. The first thing to do is on the basis of the second, three characteristics of the replacement of the two enter into the other symbols, in order to avoid the implementation of Step 4 was mistakenly deleted.

Press the key combination ctrl + h to open "Find and Replace" dialog box, in the "Find what" type ". ^ P", in "replacement for the" enter ". ^ L", which "^ p" on behalf of Back vehicles, "^ l" on behalf of the artificial line breaks, and then click "Replace All" button, you will be all "." carriage return at the end of the artificial line breaks replaced. Re-use the same method, respectively, replace the question mark, ellipsis, exclamation mark, right double-quote at the end of the carriage return.

Open the "Find and Replace" dialog box, in the "Find what" type "^ p", Click "Advanced" "format" "font", open the font selection dialog box, select the text font used in the title, Click "OK"; in the "Replace" enter "^ l"; click "Replace All." This all may be to specify the font to display the title of the carriage return is replaced behind the artificial line breaks. If the title of the same font and the text can be in accordance with other similar methods unique to the replacement of signs that do not want to go.

4, to remove all carriage returns. Open the "Find and Replace" dialog box, in the "Find what" type "^ p", "replaced by" do not enter any of the contents of the Agency, directly click "Replace All", then all the carriage return are replaced by "empty" , that is deleted in its entirety.

5, reducing the return to be retained. Open the "Find and Replace" dialog box, in the "Find what" type "^ l", "replaced by" enter "^ p", click "Replace All", then enter all reservations are to be restored.

If not enough trouble, we can also provide the use of the word "macro" operation, a series of operations will be recorded as a button, self-executing "macro" command, so as to reduce duplication of work. Steps are:

word menu bar click "Tools" "macro" "Record New Macro" pop "record macro" dialog box;

Click the "Keyboard" icon in tools, you will press the macro assigned to the shortcut keys, click "specified" and "Close" button;

2-5 from the implementation of all operations;

Click the upper left of the page to "stop" small window of the square button (stop recording), finished recording the new macro.

In this way, the next need to paste to word conversion of the pdf version, only need to open a blank document, just press the shortcut keys specified, all on the whole OK. This will simplify the entire operation into two steps: First, copy the contents of pdf document, the word process in the implementation of macro operation.

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