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PDF file with Illustrator will convert the DWG to CAD Graphic Tutorial documents
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In this paper, to solve the problem: PDF How to convert CAD files? PDF how to convert DWG? What methods can be PDF into CAD plans?
If using Adobe Illustrator is a vector in turn can direct the output of the DXF and DWG, the effect can be. As for Adobe Illustrator software is not available for download site, go to Baidu's search-related software, Adobe Illustrator CS3 In this paper, as an example on how to convert documents to PDF files DWG. It can be said that this is converted to PDF the best way CAD plans, and low distortion, high reduction.

1, first of all, to open Adobe Illustrator, select "File" - "open", open you want to convert PDF documents;
2, if the PDF contains a number of pages, then open the PDF pop-up selection box, select the conversion you need that page, the following chart:

3, PDF open you can see you want to convert the contents of the PDF completely in the interface, see the figure below:

4, Select "File" - "Export", the following chart:

5, the software will be prompted to save DWG your path, you will set up a good name after the path of the system will let you choose the parameters of DWG, the greatest attention to the selection of editable, because you turn into a CAD plan is aimed at would like to edit!

6, Click OK, OK! With this method, you can also convert PDF to BMP, JPG, SWF, PSD, TIF, TXT and other formats!

7, open ACAD, turn off all the documents, including the empty file. And then "File" - "repair" what you have just received "DWF / G" document.
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