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AutoDWG PDF Converter to use PDF to DWG download the software and graphic tutorials
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In this paper, to solve the problem: How to convert CAD to PDF map? How to batch convert PDF to DWG?
AutoDWG PDF Converter V3.2.2.3 ,A small software, only the size of 3M can be achieved PDF to DWG; English name is also called the PDF2DWG converter, PDF2DXF converter, PDF to DWG converter, PDF to DXF converter.
Download unlock software package, open the installation package, all the way installed. Run the software, choose a registered, open the registry, click the down button to select the PDF TO DWG CONVERTER generated code, write code, registration completed. The following chart:
Options you want to convert the PDF file, choose to generate a separate or within the same DWG, set up after the Convert! Congratulations!
Conversion out of the software is not necessarily high-quality content, do not hold too much hope.
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