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CORELDRAW will use PDF documents into DWG format graphic tutorials
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In this paper, to solve the problem: PDF How to convert CAD files? PDF how to convert DWG? What methods can be PDF into CAD plans?
We use some from CAD formats into PDF graphics good conversion, but conversion from PDF, in turn, many of the software, but the results are not good, especially the type mark are more complex drawings, is often converted into a pile of garbled, a friend introduced such a way to convert good, upload to share with you.
     Very simple, we CORELDRAW 12 open, save as DWG or DXF to
     Attention to this method can only be converted from CAD-generated PDF file, edit PDF documents have been prone to error, can be used later PDFEDIT add some things on the conversion and then removed, and converted to illustrate that the graphics were not broken up stratification, even by a lot of text segments and points, we tried to know. This article from: Bo Institute Alliance forum AUTOCAD drawings there are lines of loss of contrast is due to scaled-down images, may be able to enlarge picture to see, but for some valuable information, this approach has been sufficient.
   Useful for all of us hope.
   The following are some of the conversion process Screenshots map.
1, a first step, open the PDF document with CORELDRAW
2, the second step, after opening save as dwg format
3, the third step, the effect of using AutoCAD software to open
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