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PDF conversion of graphic documents EXCEL Tutorial
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In this paper, to solve the problem: how to convert EXCEL to PDF document files?
In the last article we talked about How to Convert EXCEL common method for graphic PDF Guide,
Then, in turn, I need to convert PDF documents EXCEL documents?
Not all PDF files can be converted into EXCEL, when the image of the form of PDF content, we can not be converted into the form of his text, OCR can recognize words but can not recover form. All you have to first make sure you can convert PDF forms EXCEL? If it is from the EXCEL file as a PDF document conversion, then the probability of a large.Conversion steps are as follows:
1, open Adobe Acrobat 9 Choose to open the file, open the document you need to convert, select "Save As" the following chart:
2, in the pop-up dialog box, select the format you want to save, we have chosen XML, and then click Save, the following chart:
3, has just been converted to use EXCEL to open the XML file, you will see the information you need directly to Save as XLS files.
Combination On a course , We will convert from PDF to restore into EXCEL, and despite a number of conversion, however, and compared to the same source file, we can see that it all this way to deal with documents, then regardless of EXCEL to PDF or PDF to EXCEL have become quite simple.
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