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Solid Converter PDF file conversion to Excel file for graphic tutorials
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In this paper, to solve the problem: how to convert PDF document Excel document? How to extract PDF form from within?
Sometimes the need to form a full pdf file is converted to excel file. In accordance with the "PDF conversion of graphic documents EXCEL Tutorial" The method described can be achieved, but the installation of Adobe Acrobat 9 document larger, slow download speeds of users who may worry about. Try a lot of software, the effect of conversion is not satisfactory, converted excel file format is basically the whole trouble! Recommend this site to all the other software.
Not all PDF files can be converted into EXCEL, when the image of the form of PDF content, we can not be converted into the form of his text, OCR can recognize words but can not recover form. All you have to first make sure you can convert PDF forms EXCEL? If it is from the EXCEL file as a PDF document conversion, then a great chance.
This software can be a convenient word to pdf conversion software, including an extract pdf form to excel in the function, the effect of good form after extraction is basically the same as the original!

Figure, which is the original pdf file:
Figure, which is extracted from the pdf form of the excel spreadsheet documents:
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