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PDG to images, PDF s in several ways
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PDG Chaoxing company document is the exclusive e-book format, the company needed a dedicated Chaoxing browser to read. This article discusses the PDG to images, PDF methods for research purposes only, and does not seek the company of Chaoxing any form of copyright infringement, nor want anyone to use this article to discuss the tools or means to engage in copyright infringement. If you need to visit the PDG e-books, such as through the purchase of Card in order to legitimate sources.

This article assumes that the user through a legal document obtained by means of PDG, but hope to be able to due to browser than Chaoxing better and more convenient to read the browser and does not convert the files from the proliferation of cases, only need to PDG file conversion into image files or PDF documents.

A screenshot method

Simply put, the method is through the screenshot directly Chaoxing browser will display the contents of cut-off for the picture, and then converted into PDF image files.

This method may be the world's most simple, most simple and most easy way to think of, and for all versions of Chaoxing browser and can display all documents applicable to the PDG. Constraints of this approach include:
Page size beyond the display area, resulting in incomplete cut shots. The solutions include: support to find a set of high-resolution PC (now 17 "LCD is very cheap, 19" of the civilians soon); if the graphics card to support the rotating display, the screen will rotate 90 กใ for easy Showing page long.
Screenshots page manual, labor intensity is relatively large. The solution is to use a variety of ready-made buttons, mouse, record / playback software and a combination of screen shots of software, or even their own page with a small screenshot of the software, the realization of automation.
Cut out the images may need to organize, including the trimming, image file format conversion.

In short, although there are a number of shots made restrictions more cumbersome to use, it is difficult to be Chaoxing shielding, is an ultimate way.

Second, print method

That is released Chaoxing browser Print command, the document is viewed PDG Virtual Printer Print to PDF (including Acrobat PDF printer, PDFFactory printer, etc.), as a PDF document.

This method is also used to convert PDG earlier paper by one of the ways, and very simple to use, convenient and therefore popular, leading to later Chaoxing reader for this method with some restrictions, but these restrictions soon was a breakthrough, and then the two sides so this is not another music, looking back again and again to one, a toss about it. Although unrelated to the eyes of a little bit boring, but those who join them will always be small for each and exciting breakthrough, there is a really spiritual sustenance of life.

The current constraints of this approach include:
Chaoxing browser blockade of the PDF printer. Chaoxing new browser will check the printer's name, discovered that the printer is not printing PDF. But, after all, no one Chaoxing intelligent software, the printer was not a name out on the testing. It was also first to support the PDG print PostScript (PS) file format of the real printer, and then Acrobat will convert PS file PDF file, so as to bypass the virtual printer Chaoxing inspection.
Chaoxing browser to print the page limit. Chaoxing browser legitimate users will limit the total number of pages printed per month, sufficient in quantity (1000 per month) after the print is not allowed. The solutions include ssreader.ul file attributes will be changed to read-only, or for regular backup of this file to restore.
Chaoxing browser restrictions on the printing results. Chaoxing a new version of the browser may be restricted to the previous restrictions and anti-finally tired of the game, so it simply print the time in lower print quality, leading to print out the image quality with the original PDF document PDG bad. In response to this tactic, the current proposed solutions online, including a new version of DLL files will be replaced with an earlier version of DLL, or to increase DPI setting, such as printers.

In short, in my view, although the method is simple and convenient printing, print black and white images it does not matter, but to print grayscale / color image will be attenuated or document image quality issues such as inflation, so at least I will not use less than a last resort of.

Three,BooX Viewer

BooX Viewer is Momotalo, ShunCox, dd321, such as cooperative development of a light-weight, green PDG browser, without installation, a single EXE file to run, and can read ZIP files directly in the document, such as PDG, these better than the original Chaoxing browser, and also led to its popularity.

BooX Viewer early version of a "conversion to DjVu" feature, which first PDG file into BMP, then into DjVu documents. Some people also use this function in the first half of the first and PDG files into BMP, convert BMP and then PDF. However, this feature in later versions have been removed, and added a number of similar advertisements.

BooX Viewer Development PDG file format based on the analysis, does not require browser or DLL Chaoxing support, and can decode the encrypted 10H format and so on, which I filled with their respect for developers.
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