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The web pages to PDF documents tutorial
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PDF documents in the office of the importance of day-to-day believe that as long as they are exposed to the work of people OFFICE understanding, and the network office in the position now is more important, this paper, the two kinds of common web pages into PDF documents and to compare the way in the hope that can help in this regard needs to choose a friend.

Method 1

after the installation of Adobe Acrobat will be the default browser in IE toolbar add PDF.

The tool can be easily converted into a web page of the PDF document, or added to existing PDF documents, Adobe PDF Explorer toolbar can be in the IE Favorites management interface window with the HTML documents into PDF documents.

Method 2

the use of client software HTML2PDF Pilot.

Download Address:

HTML2PDF Pilot cross-section in the above chart, it is simple.

if only to fulfill only the most simple task such as the arrow shown, click on the Add button to add the top of the HTML file and click convert, wait a while to complete the transformation of HTML documents.

comparison of two methods



PDF compared to the client to be flexible in many ways.

process in the use of HTML2PDF Pilot can not be found in URL ( directly into PDF documents, and only the toolbar to be in the process of free to use browser.


in the functional area of the way the client than HTML2PDF_Pilot clearly powerful PDF toolbar to many


only the most basic preservation and documentation have been added to the function, and more HTML2PDF_Pilot provides a wealth of options.

In addition, if necessary conversion page document batch, then the way the toolbar is also unable to provide the corresponding functions.

In fact, there are still many ways to choose, for example to a web page into a WORD file format and then transformed through the WPS software documentation, as long as they can make flexible use, html documents to PDF is a very simple matter.

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