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PDF Production Editor
e-book chapter of PDF format production detailed tutorial
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produced by PDF e-book with a paper and read the book the effect of texture can be "realistic to" show the original appearance of the original book, which shows that the size can be adjusted to provide the reader with a personalized way of reading.This makes it very easy to read.The authority of the PDF format is the Adobe Reader software company produced the "Adobe Reader", the current version 7.0.Described in this paper is to use this software to read PDF format to produce their own e-books.In this paper, DocuCom PDF gold 7.83 R1 has a detailed account of the Chinese version of how to make e-book PDF format articles.
a software ready

produced PDF of specialized software or a lot of.Companies such as Adobe's Acrobat 7.0 Professional (Professional Edition) is a powerful tool, this software size is 200MB, is also more complicated to use; here recommended another easy-to-use tool "PDF Gold ."

software name: DocuCom PDF gold 7.83 R1 Chinese

Software Language: English

Software Size: 22.4MB

Download: Click to download

software: This software integrates PDF Driver and PDF Plus two products, you can use it to create, assemble, mark, edit, protect, store and publish PDF documents, it can meet you at the time of dealing with PDF documents all the requirements.
Second, the production process

Software installation is complete, you can start the production process "DocuCom PDF Plus", the main interface as shown in Figure 1.It uses familiar Word style editor window.Software to create a variety of methods can prepare a new PDF document can also be a variety of documents have been converted to a PDF volume of electronic documents.Following the production of new PDF electronic documents as an example to explain.

Do-It-Yourself: E-book PDF format for the production of articles (2)

new document

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